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The Net

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 30, 2010 10:17 pm    Post subject: The Net Reply with quote

The Net of the 2020s is a more advanced version of our internet. However, it has one major difference. A series of complicated algorithms allow a complex virtual reality to overlay all the networked electronic systems in the world.

Each corporation, for instance, will tend to have a "data fortress" at each major processor hub. This could look like anything in the virtual reality - a fairytale castle made of neon, a pillar of fire or a giant barbie doll. Its an interpretation of the node interface with the Net and the programs it is projecting at that point (typically security programs to restrict access, or public-info systems to let people know who owns the node and any business they have to offer.)

If you get past that, you'd still have to deal with whatever roving security systems were in place. Some security uses "black ICE", this means that it can kill you or your deck if you are directly wired in when it attacks you. Generally only military or very large corps can get away with this level of security.

Lots of areas on the Net have been sculpted to reflect a certain aesthetic, and you won't be welcome unless your icon is attired appropriately. Its no good trying to visit a mock-up of feudal japan if your icon is a chrome-metal demon goddess with glowing eyes - the SysOp will just kick you.

Those who use decks to interface their brain directly to the Net experience it in more sensory detail, and are able to process and respond to Net events at speeds approaching those of computer systems.

Net-crime is fairly common, and its one of the reasons that there are so many security systems around. NETwatch are the organisation tasked with maintaining Net security, and they do so fairly ruthlessly. Professional Netrunners tend to loathe these corp-backed agents, and take a perverse delight in baiting and frustrating them.

Modern Net software programs for the purpose of Netrunning are incredibly sophisticated and tend to be highly personalised. They are also very tricky to copy succesfully. This means that decent Netrunners generally write their own programs rather than buying them.

Note: Yes, netrunning in CP2020 doesn't make a whole hell of a lot of sense. Its best to just think "Tron" and go with it.
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