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City History

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 27, 2010 8:08 pm    Post subject: City History Reply with quote

Night City was intended as the city of the future. But the future didn't turn out the way its creators envisaged.

Richard Night was a pioneering developer who saw the potential to build a clean, modern city in the Del Coranado bay area
between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Sadly, his high-tech designs shut out many of the traditional unions run by
organised crime. Eventually, tired of his defiance, the Mob made an example of Richard Night and had him killed.
With his death the half-completed project collapsed as investors panicked. This left many in the fledgling city homeless and
unemployed. Without aid from the state the city government went bankrupt. The Mob took this as their
cue to move in and take over, installing a reign of terror and racketeering with nobody to oppose them. Wild, lawless
boostergangs came to call Night City home, spreading drugs and violence like an epidemic.

Seeing their valuable corporate property rapidly declining in value, and Night City becoming a festering sore on the West
Coast, Arasaka and several other large corporations began a war or attrition and extermination on the boostergangs and
organised criminals. The crime bosses didn't sit still, and fought back with every means at their disposal. After two blood-drenched years the Mob was brought low, and the boostergangs were mainly been coralled into the decaying urban hellhole known as the Combat Zone. The corporations restored the city government after a fashion, and saw
to the rejuvenation of a few areas of the city that they found desirable.

Night City is now a peculiar town. On the one hand it has some of the worst and most violent elements on the West Coast,
but on the other it is also on the forefront of the resurgent American "Cyberpunk" economy. The music and entertainment
industry in NC are second only to LA, and many would say that the Night City art scene is more vibrant and influential.

One thing Night City really can boast is the best Edgerunners on the West Coast. Partly its the fact that life in NC is damn tough for most people, partly its because it just attracts that kind of person, but Night City is the place to hire.

Most citizens of Night City have no job (well, no legal job). Those that do generally fit into one of two categories;
1. un- or low-skilled drones such as burger-flippers, maintenance personnel, night-watchmen etc. These type of staff are
easily replaced, have few prospects and lousy pay. Luckily for the corps, competition for legal jobs is so high that there
are never any shortage of applicants.
2. Highly skilled specialists such as business execs, engineers, medics etc. These are a commodity that each corp likes to
keep to itself. Many corps force their employees to sign draconian contracts specifying lifetime employment, with harsh
penalty clauses for attempting to leave. On the other hand, the pay at this level is good, and the benefits are even better (corporations usually offer perks such as housing, transportation, education, medical cover, holidays, etc.)
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