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Gangs of Night City

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PostPosted: Mon May 03, 2010 7:14 am    Post subject: Gangs of Night City Reply with quote

There are hundreds of gangs across Night City, each with their own individual outlook and colours. Knowing who's turf you are in can save your life, as many gangs have blood vendettas against each other. Some can be bought for a handful of cheap drugs, others can't be reasoned with at all, and most of them can be dangerous under the right conditions.

The Blood Razors
Home Turf: The Combat Zone
The largest and most violent boostergang in the Combat Zone. Initiation is brutal and bloody, and turnover is high due to the constant warfare the gang engages in, but there are no shortage of new recruits.

The Brainiacs
Home Turf: Northern Corporate Centre
A boostergang with a difference - they concentrate on skillware and neural enhancements. They are renowned as smart, sneaky and manipulative, and will only accept members with high IQ. They are disliked if not hated by most other boostergangs, who they seem to enjoy tormenting.

The Wild Things
Home Turf: East Marina
This is a gang of long-term 'Dorph addicts (you don't see too many of those on the streets, so you can bet they are generally smarter than the run of the mill dorph-head.) The older members prey on the keener newbies, but again there is never any end to the fresh meat.

The Inquisitors
Home Turf: ?
This gang is peculiar to Night City. They believe all cyberware is evil, and will kill or simply yank the implants out of anybody they catch with them. They are hated by all the other gangs, but nobody knows where they are based.

The Bozos
Home Turf: Artists colony North of the University
This gang are bad news in a big way. They are all surgically altered to look like clowns (big red noses, white skin, big feet, etc.) They specialise in horrible pranks, causing maximum pain and fear for the victims. What makes them even worse is the fact that they are very patient and tech-savvy.

The Voodoo Boys
A ritualistic gang of drug dealers and psychopaths (not cyber-psychoes, just the old fashioned kind.) Fond of machetes.
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Joined: 26 Apr 2010
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 22, 2010 7:15 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The Hatchets
A large combat-zone gang, the Hatchets are a largely filipino gang that favour axes of all description. They are known as a fierce close-combat gang, although they don't use many cybernetics.

Their MO is complicated - they are one part guardian gang, one part warrior brotherhood and one part street punks. In essence they are more like a tribe than a gang. Gange members are encouraged to act fearlessly and with a degree of honour, at least towards those who live in "their" fief. Gang colours are simple black with a silver hatchet emblazoned, and at least one axe carried.

They dislike most boostergangs, and have rumbled to keep them off their turf in the past. They particularly dislike the voodoo boys, and members will kill each other on sight, but this doesn't happen very often as their turfs are quite far apart.
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