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PostPosted: Wed May 05, 2010 9:55 pm    Post subject: Drugs Reply with quote

Drugs, both legal and illegal, are incredibly common in the 2020's. Most natural sources of opium and cocaine were destroyed by specially engineered viruses, neccessitating their replacement by entirely synthetic substances. These have proven by and large to be inferior to their predecessors (synthi-coke is even worse for you than cocaine, for instance.) They are also more expensive to produce.

Corporates can afford tailored designer drugs with barely any drawbacks, but these are well outside the range of the average man on the street. Plenty of things trickle out of corporate labs and down to the street, but these tend to be the flawed batches, or the recipes that caused too high a chance of brain aneurism in users. Regardless of where the drugs come from, they are usually then cut with a bunch of other random chemicals, from rat poison to antacid tabs, in order to bulk them out.

There are dealers in almost every neighbourhood in America. Not all of them hustle a street corner, though - a lot of them wear suits. By far the majority of drug-dealing gets done by gangs. They take the risks, while the suppliers pocket the profit.

Common Drugs

This drug fills the body with endorphins, promoting euphoria and lack of pain. It also tends to burn out the brain over time, and is incredibly addictive. Dorph tends to produce a more violent breed of the classic "junkie" - malnourished, amoral and desperate.

Black Lace
This blue crystal was created as a combat drug for US troops in Central America. It does alter perceptions and increase reaction time, but the cost can be crippling convulsions, manic aggression or a host of other mental and physical problems.

Increases endurance and alertness. Can cause schizophrenic symptoms with prolonged use.

This is a complex cocktail of drugs that increase the natural healing rate of the body. Although widely used, the drugs are carcinogenic in nature.

A synthetic alcohol substitute used to for relaxation and euphoria. The downside is that its quite addictive and withdrawal causes deep depression.
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