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Gang Culture

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PostPosted: Wed May 05, 2010 10:34 am    Post subject: Gang Culture Reply with quote

Poser gangs
These gangs are dedicated to a certain look. For some its just outfits, mimicking some celebrity. For others it goes further, as they get themselves surgically altered. Although they are seldom taken seriously, some poser gangs are seriously hard-core and dangerous.

Vehicle gangs are usually addicted to thrills and speed, and cultivate a reputation for recklessness and daring. Their mobility makes them better able to escape the cops, but its not cheap with the cost of fuel the way it is today.

These tend to be the most dangerous gangs - those that openly encourage cyberware implantation. Its plenty expensive to get the real combat-level upgrades, and plenty illegal as well. Some boostergangs only encourage a limited, themed level of cyberware, which tends to make them more stable.

Travelling groups, nomads are more like families than gangs - although they usually have weapons and know how to use them. Many nomad packs have loose political affiliations known as "Nations". The leaders of these nations have a degree of collective bargaining power.

'Dorpher gangs
Dorph is a drug that makes the user totally numbed to pain, and is incredibly addictive. It burns out most users fairly quickly, but there are always more to take their place. Gangs high on dorph will literally fight to the death, making them deadly and unpredictable.

Chromer gangs
These gangs base their ethos and actions on a band or style of music (typically "Chromatic Rock".)

Prankster gangs
There are a few gangs who exist just to do the odd, the inexplicable or the downright annoying. Sometimes these pranks have a politcal theme, other times they are just mean or even deadly.

Guardian gangs
These are essentially vigilante groups who stake out and protect an area of the city from other gangs and criminals. Some are noble and dedicated, others are just doing it to pick up girls. Mostly these gangs are sustained by donations, but sometimes they also squeeze locals for protection money, reasoning its all for the greater good.
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