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American History

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 30, 2010 10:12 pm    Post subject: American History Reply with quote

The US has been weakened in various different ways over the last few decades. The Crash was an investment landslide that devastated the world economy, and the US economy worst of all. This was followed by a series of costly wars in Central America, and the continuing disintegration of the social fabric of America. Eventually, after a period of martial law and an short civil war against elements of its own intelligence agencies, the US tottered back onto its feet again. It is much reduced from its former glory, having lost several states and a good deal of its federal powers. The government hangs together mainly through control of the mighty US military, which is still one of the most powerful in the world (although not much given to adventurism any more). Most peoples' records were lost during the Crash, and more than half of all US residents don't have proper SIN identification, creating an underclass without rights. With the weakness of the US government, corporations have taken unheard-of liberties, proclaiming themselves virtual countries with their own laws and passports. A massive percentage of Americans are homeless, and often form into large travelling groups known collectively as nomads. Nomads are seen as trouble, but most are just families looking for food, work and a place to stay.

The US dollar is long gone, but in its place is the multinational Euro-dollar (or "Euro-buck", or simply "Eb"). In the 2020's, the Eurobuck is king, and everything is for sale.

Much to almost everyone's surprise, the US economy is actually making a big comeback in the 2020's. Strong leadership and sensible international policies from President Kress have combined with the emergence of a culture known as "Cyberpunk" on the streets of America. Cyberpunk is basically a creed of adaption, self-reliance and to some degree honour. A Cyberpunk lives life on the Edge, staying current with tech and culture to keep themselves sharp. Partly its about backing up your friends and protecting your rep, partly its about just trying to be the best at what you do and partly defiance against the corporate culture that rules the world. Cyberpunk also usually means armed and willing to defend yourself, the embodiment of the ancient revolutionary slogan of the US - Don't Tread On Me!

The US enviroment is a mess, and a lot of the world isn't much better off. Many of the forests are gone thanks to the acid rain thats become a regular feature of the weather. Inversion layers mean swirling smog that chokes the streets of major cities, forcing people to wear facemasks or even purchase oxygen cannisters. Recent history has seen two nuclear meltdowns on American soil, and one bio-warfare leak that led to the evacuation of Chicago.

But its not all doom and gloom. The US is still the breadbasket of the world thanks to its massive farms that grow enormous crops of genetically modified wheat. This is used both to make cheap food and to produce artificial "CHOOH" fuel. The agricorps and oil companies that hold these lands guard them extremely jealously, and do their best to snatch up farmland from the few remaining private landholders and small farmers. The loss of most of the petroleum stocks in the mid-east meltdown all but eradicated the culture of private car ownership until the invention of CHOOH, and even now it is much less common. This has led to a slow decline in acid rainfall, as emissions have decreased.

American cities are beset with crime, drugs and the displaced. Some have collapsed into chaos, many are hanging on by the fingernails, but a good number are also adapting and even thriving. Of course each city has to make its own particular deals with the devil - whether that be governmental or corporate.
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