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PostPosted: Fri Apr 30, 2010 9:11 am    Post subject: Cyber-psychosis Reply with quote

Making alterations to the human body has psychological impact. The more profound these changes, the more it tends to affect the recipient.

Usually these changes accrue slowly, a gradual distancing from normal humanity. Over time, without therapy, these changes become more and more disturbing. Behaviour becomes unpredictable, motivations change and cyber-psychosis begins to creep in. The desire to lose the "meat" and replace it with metal becomes stronger, exacerbating the mental problems.

In some cases this manifests as an icy detachment from society, in others an outright hatred of the "soft flesh-bags" that surround them. In any case, the cyber-psychotic finds it hard (and usually pointless) to understand normal people. Relationships with non-cybernetic individuals seem boring and trivial; their weaknesses and constant needs for food, sleep and medical assistance make them an irritation.

Cybernetics are very fashionable right now, and while most people don't experience any noticeable side effects from a few small mods, the problem of cyber-psychosis is a growing one.

Most cities maintain a "C-SWAT", or "Cyber-psycho" squad in order to combat the most dangerous examples. Typically C-SWAT members are themselves highly physically enhanced (they have to be, to fight people who can use a car as a thrown weapon), but they have the benefit of extensive "braindance" therapy. In fact many C-SWAT members are former offenders who've had their personalities totally re-assembled. Given the heaviest weapons and armour, and often walking the borderline of cyber-psychosis themselves, C-SWAT rarely take any prisoners.

A typical cyber-psycho is usually a member of a gang that has a strong culture of cybernetics. In order to fit in they have to get cyber parts, but in order to get them they require cash, which is most easily obtained through crime. Once they have the implants, committing crime generally becomes easier. This quickly spirals into a cycle of violence and crime leading to more implants and so on, until the gang member either dies or becomes a metal monster. NCPD keeps a weather eye on the purchase of cybernetics, and may require people they think are close to the edge to accept tracking implants or attend therapy sessions. Or else...
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