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PostPosted: Thu Apr 29, 2010 6:45 pm    Post subject: Transportation Reply with quote

Cars are expensive to run in the 2020s due to high fuel costs and road tax. That doesn't mean there aren't still a lot of them, though, just less than in the 20th century. Due to the collapse of most major car manufacturers during the Crash and the Middle-East Meltdown, car designs tend to be quite unimaginative re-treads of classic designs. As CHOOH isn't as powerful a fuel as petrol, modern cars often don't have the same performance standards, but for urban transit that doesn't matter too much.

Taxis are still popular, but are very expensive. The most famous of the cab companies is Combat Cabbs - heavily armoured vehicles driven by veterans and other colourful personalities. Their motto is "We get you there, dead or alive!". Combat Cabbs have also had a book, a movie and a long-running TV soap opera based on their escapades, making them a much-loved fixture in Night City.

For those with a higher budget, the AV tends to be the transit method of choice. These are essentially flying cars / trucks, with powerful direct thrust ports leading to a main turbine instead of wheels and an engine. This allows them to hover and gives them VTOL capabilities, along with quite a reasonable top speed. AVs were developed for the military, as they are a very stable platform, and can land in much more challenging terrain than a helicopter. That said, they are expensive as all hell to run in terms of fuel, and they don't have much loiter time. The most famous example of AV use in Night City is Trauma Team - who rush to the scene of a card being activated in a fully equipped ambulance AV, bristling with weapons to help in the recovery of a client's broken body. They are one of the few forces that will enter the Combat Zone unassisted, but then thats the reason their rates are so high.

For the more mundane transit needs, Bay Area Rapid Transport is a monorail system that connects the city up. It passes through almost everywhere important (not the Combat Zone, although it does pass through it in places.) Its the most popular method of mass transit in the city, and handles hundreds of thousands of commuters each day.

Buses still run in most parts of the city, but congestion and the high price of fuel mean they aren't as popular as they were. Also, many of the less important roads are in a very poor condition. Bus service varies in quality - some are jacked for fares very regularly, and carry their own security guards and systems.

Shipping still comes to the docks and the marina, albeit in much less quantity than in days past. Regular ferries run to the larger ports up and down the coast.

Night City Metro Airport is to the south of town, and caters to all types of aircraft from dirigibles to private jets.
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