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The 'Burbs

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 28, 2010 9:42 pm    Post subject: The 'Burbs Reply with quote

The suburbs of most major American cities have either gone two ways.

Those with backing have become gated communities with corporate security guards patrolling the streets and plenty of amenities. Nothing is loud, vandalised, run down or unsafe - of course, they are a little boring. In fact these "Beavervilles" are considered pretty smothering by a lot of the people who live there, but they do represent one of the few safe places to raise a family in 2020's America. Many of these gated suburbs are entirely owned by single corporations, who provide housing as a perk for their employees.

Suburbs that failed to find corporate sponsorships instead became over-run with crime and poverty. With private vehicles being too expensive for most, a suburb that lost its transit links was essentially sentenced to death. Some became havens for gangs, while others just became empty ghost towns on the edge of the cities, home to nothing except stray dogs and the occasional scavenger.

Night City has six major suburbs;

South Night City
This is a grimy industrial port area, filled with gangs and violence.

This is a fortress-like enclave of the wealthy. Its security has reputedly never been breached.

This is upper class housing and also has a large amusement park. Its safe and clean. Pretty much anyone can get in if they've got the money to party, but security here is good, and they will shut you down permanent if you cause trouble.

North Oak
This is a small military city, devoted to serviving the NorCal shipyards and airforce base. Its just across the bay from Night City, and is the base for a large Combined Operations Group (the US's current concept in warfare.)

Rancho Coronado
This is a huge tract of corporate housing, protected by walls and security.

This is a mixed-economy corporate housing area, largely owned by Biotechnica. Its got a little of everything, and a lot of corps have light manufacturing bases here.
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