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The Combat Zone

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 28, 2010 11:29 am    Post subject: The Combat Zone Reply with quote

In the wake of Richard Night's death and the collapse of the original city government, vast areas of Night City were left without water, power or police presence. Some of this was new-build, but a lot was either cheap pre-fab for new workers, or areas of the "old town", intended to remain as a picturesque reminder of times gone by.

Gang violence quickly spiralled and a large area of the city effectively became a "no-go" zone, where the gangs ruled the streets. Gangs would roam from the "Combat Zone" to sell drugs or commit crimes in the downtown or suburbs areas.

When the war between the Mob and the corporations heated up, the boostergangs fought for and against both sides. Corporate policy became zero-tolerance - gangs looking for trouble outside the Combat Zone were gunned down and their bodies quietly transported to landfill sites. Over time this curbed the excesses of the gangs, or at least restricted their activities to the poorer areas of the city.

The Combat Zone or its equivalent exist in most major urban areas in America. In some cities they are physically walled in, but in Night City there has been some interest in regenerating the area in order to help the burgeoning economy. Unfortunately the Zone is home to tens of thousands of heavily armed and highly independent citizens, most of whom are engaged in illegal activity of some kind. If the city did rebuild, these people would have nowhere to go, and they know it.

Still, its not all bad in the Zone, most people are just folks trying to get by rather than out-and-out psychos. Housing is cheap here (for obvious reasons), and for many its the only place they can afford to put a roof over their heads - even if that roof was never designed to house families. The violence tends to mostly be between gangers, and providing you pay your protection you can usually walk your own neighbourhood in peace. All bets are off on at the weekend, though, as the "Friday Night Fire-Fight" erupts with great regularity.

Another reason people end up in the Zone is that a lot of people lost their records completely in the Crash. These "SINless" have no vote and less rights than a person with a full SIN identification. They can't claim any kind of support from the state, such as education or legal representation. Since most taxes in modern America are paid through sales tax, they still pay their taxes - assuming they ever actually buy anything from a legal vendor. Corporations will rarely ever consider putting a SINless person on the permanent payroll - althought they can easily get somebody registered if it helps their goals to do so. Of course, some people like that they don't have a paper trail, as it helps keep them out of police custody...
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